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Trade Online In The International Markets

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Now and for a limited period, trade US options contracts at new and discounted fees ( 1.75 USD per contract in addition to 5 USD per transaction ), offer is valid until 31 December 2020.

To subscribe, please fill the form in the link below and send it to



Alahli Capital offers you International trading service which will help you to be an effective trader in the modern trading world. The advanced and innovative tools allows you to enhance productivity and efficiency with features that includes rapid order placements, receiving real-time alerts and trading information, graphical and colourful world-class charting.

Markets Covered:

  • US Markets
  • Oman Market
  • Bahrain Market
  • UAE Markets
  • Kuwait Market



     Equity - Commission Structure

    US Markets:                                      2 cents per share with 9.99 USD minimum for share price 1 USD or above, and 25 USD for share price less than 1 USD

    Oman Market:                                   OMR 5 minimum with 0.04 of the traded value basis points

    Bahrain Market:                                BHD 10 minimum with 0.04 of the traded value basis points

    UAE Markets (Abu Dhabi and Dubai):    AED 150 minimum with 0.04 of the traded value basis points

    UAE Markets (Nasdaq Dubai):              USD 40 minimum with 0.04 of the traded value basis points

    Kuwait Market:                                  KWD 9 minimum with 0.04 of the traded value basis points

    Options - Commission Structure
    USD 20 minimum per transaction with a rate of USD 4 per contract

    Deposit and Withdrawal Fees :
    Deposit Charges (US Market)                   US Dollars. 15 per transaction (free until 31 December 2020). Minimum deposit US Dollar 250 per transaction.
    Deposit Charges (GCC Markets)               SAR 25 per transaction or equivalent in other currencies (free until 31 December 2020). Minimum deposit SAR 500 per transaction or equivalent in other GCC currencies.


    Withdrawal Charges (US Market)              US Dollars. 25 per transaction (free until 31 December 2020). 

    Withdrawal Charges (GCC Markets)          SAR 25 per transaction or equivalent in other currencies (free until 30 December 2020).

    Registration Requirements:

    • Active current account with NCB
    • Sign AlahliCapital Agreement through or by visit nearest NCB Branch 

    Registration Steps:

    1. Go to
    2. Click on Registration
    3. Click on Register in International Market and filling the below

    Registration | Login